With one word, you can completely change your environment.Sprache - Schall

IMAGINE the possibility of monitoring and controlling all various devices in your home by using the sound of your voice, the web or a variety of other interfaces. With our system, you can! It allows you to use a web browser to log on to your home and control lights, appliances, audio, video, security or thermostat settings all from one app. You can even do it by voice!


With one Word – “Movietime” Ask it to set your house to set the lights down by 40%, turn on the tv to a certain channel or a favorite movie on file, pop some popcorn, pull the blinds.

With one Word – “Sports” “Weather” “Stocks” “NEWS” Ask it to tell you the latest stock quotes, weather reports, sports scores or other important news items.

With one Word – “Morning” Ask it to turn on the kids room lights, make the coffee, open the blinds, turn on the news on the tv, etc…

With one Word – “Nighttime” Ask it to close the blinds, gradually turn the lights off in 5 minutes, make sure the doors are locked and the garage door is closed.

With one Word – “Vacation” Ask it to make the house look like you are there in the evenings by turning on lights, tv’s, radio’s.

With one Word – “InLaws” Ask it to turn on the sprinklers while the in-laws are playing in the backyard. (Ok, that’s mean.)

With one Word you can change your whole house environment or for a special room like a family-cave.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen for you.

On the way home? Just pick up your phone and call it to raise the thermostat, turn on the lights, close the curtains or recite your shopping list. With our automation systems you’ll have one voice remote control for your entire home to manage and control all your electrical devices in it. Want to know more? Give us a call.