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Getting a virus or a serious piece of malware is no fun. We kill them for people every single day of the year. Trust us to get rid of the infection and the reinfection triggers as well.

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We love fixing technology, recovering hard drives, killing deeply rooted viruses making life easier for folks.

Sun Newspapers Best of the Best.
Sun Newspapers Best of the Best.

We were honored to receive the areas Best of the Best Award. We pride ourself on trying to live up to a certain standard and we are thankful for being recognized for the effort.

Thank you for voting us the best again!
Thank you for voting us the best again!

We were honored to receive the areas Best of the Best Award for the 2nd straight year. We pride ourself on trying to live up to a certain standard and we are thankful for being recognized for the effort.

Nip and Tuck Hard Drive Recovery.
Nip and Tuck Hard Drive Recovery.

This one was really fun for me to do. It was very challenging, but the people were nice, so I knocked it out of the park and recovered 100% of their data. I love recovering data.

Readers Choice 2023
Readers Choice 2023

We keep providing the same quality service year after year since 1990. We appreciate another award.


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"Went in today with a non-working laptop, and within an hour or two Trent fixed it and gave it back for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended."

James McBride
James McBride Customer

"Trent, The owner of Re:Desktop has saved my “digital bacon” on several occasions. I’d have to say he did an excellent job every time. On one job in particular he when well above and beyond all expectations to chase down a rather rare part to save me on costs. He’s great at the hardware side of things as well as file recovery and virus repair.He has the experience fix software and hardware problems quickly and at a reasonable price.
I’m super happy with his work! Thank You Trent!"

Steve Seamans
Steve Seamans Customer

"Trent saved my hard drive! He recovered all my data when other companies said they could not."

XboxOne Gal
XboxOne Gal Customer

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Windows 10 Updates Continue to Frustrate many

Microsoft has been a pretty good job lately with their continued development of Windows 10. With that being said, complications continue to plague some users. With some of the advancements in “how Windows works”, and making Windows more safe and secure for us, there comes a myriad of problems.
I’m okay with a few problems here and there, and I’ll be the first to admit it. The thing that irritates me is the update that Microsoft knows is going to cause havoc that is released regardless. Dealing with these problems for others makes me a little less aggravated when they affect my gear. That’s not to say it doesn’t upset me, just more numb I guess from the repeated exposure.
I have to compliment MS though. Lately, the updates haven’t erased customer data just by installing the update. So, if anybody actually reads these posts, back up your computer to protect your data. I hate to see the loss of data when it’s so avoidable.

Added Two New Servers

Recently I found myself waiting to use my diagnostic servers, and I must tell you I wasn’t too thrilled. With the increase in the size of hard drives, the servers have to work twice to five times longer than just a couple of years ago. Since the service work or hard drive recovery isn’t done til I finish, I found myself waiting. Often more than not it was unbearble.

To combat this I implemented two more servers to keep up with the demand. Since I added the two servers I haven’t had to wait to get drives tested and fixed. When drives reach twenty terabytes, I’m sure I’ll have to add a few more.