“Mom said I never have to turn off my lights again.”

When we install custom home and business automation systems they control so many aspects of our life.  Lights for example are a huge example of energy waste in the home and business.  Sometimes we all leave a light on here and there, but with our solutions this doesn’t have to be a problem.   Our solutions can be tailored to put lights on schedules or into themes.  We all know what a schedule is of course.  A theme on the other hand is activated verbally to the system.  When commanded, the system will control all aspects of your environment’s lighting with a single word.  “Good Morning”, “Goodnight” and “Vacation” are some of the popular commands used.  Some people say that they save up to 35% on their electric bill by letting our solutions control their entire environment.  Imagine never having to care about leaving the lights on again.