Home and Business Automationsmart-house

We provide computer based technology with the best automation software that is Rich with features!  You can control just about anything.  We not only can control a device but also combine control of devices at the same time to make a room change just by speaking one word.

  • Voice Recognition

    There’s no easier way to control your home than with normal, conversational speech. “Turn on the front door lights.”

  • Control Lights & Appliances

    Turn lights on, off or dim them for scene lighting. Schedule devices to go on and off whenever and as often as you want.

  • Thermostat Control

    You adjust your thermostat using the web or smart phone, but you can also just say “Raise the thermostat 2 degrees.” without getting our of bed!

  • Home Theatre Control

    Send Infrared (IR) to your various audio visual components to streamline your control and say “It’s Movie Time” to turn on the TV, DVD and Amplifier.

  • Security Control

    Interface us with your existing security system or install one of the dozens of industry leading systems supported by our technology.

  • Telephone Control

    A full featured phone system with Caller-ID announcing, custom greetings, voice dialing and more. Call your home from work to adjust the HVAC.

  • NOT Cloud Dependent

    Don’t worry about outages with a cloud based solutions. You securely connect directly to your home when you are away. No internet service, just call and talk to your home!

  • Comprehensive Scheduling

    Beyond scheduling of various macros or devices based on time or date, you can drive schedules based on current house modes, flags, time after sunrise or sunset and more.

  • Digital Video

    The Digital Video Center provides capture and playback from many types of video sources including, IP Cameras, USB cameras, CCTV Cameras, TV tuners and more.

  • If/Then Rule Wizard

    Create sophisticated rules to handle any condition imaginable. The rule engine uses an intuitive wizard to facilitate the composition of rule logic.

  • Digital Music

    The Digital Music Center gives you the same easy voice or web control of your entire music collection in addition to internet radio.

  • _airsoft-multi-barrel-machine-gun_4

    Digital Defense Turret

    We make three versions of non lethal automated defense turrets.  Designed to discourage even the dumbest criminals.  Guaranteed not to kill.

  • Internet Information

    Our technology has the news, weather, sports, tv listings, stocks, your email, RSS feeds and more ready for your inquiry.