Windows 10 Upgrade Issues and Praises

Upgrading Windows can sometimes be a real drag but Windows 10 Upgrades for the most part have been pretty solid.  We have heard of several different installation and compatibility problems when people have been upgrading it themselves.  When they bring them in for us to upgrade, we have a definite advantage.   We use an installer that seems to upgrade to Windows 10 with very little problems.  The issues that we see are very easy for us to handle.  We also take a lot of precautions that the typical user doesn’t even know exist.

The praises:  They made the release for the installer really well.  They made Windows 10 at the maturity level of Windows XP Service pack 2.  That means a lot of the beta testing that we as users have always been unknowingly put through just by using a Microsoft product is virtually done.  They redesigned the start menu so that a right click gives one helpful menu and then the left click gives the user expected items.  Nice!

People have been saying that they like it soooo much better than Windows 8.  I agree 100%!  Enjoy the experience.  There are tons of new features and we are expecting somewhat seamless integration with Windows phones.  I’m really happy that they are getting it done right.  Btw, thats my first sincere compliment to Microsoft in a very long time.